The « Green » and Digital Business Card

BeCard is an application that replaces paper business cards, offering a "green" and innovative service for exchanging digital business cards.


BeCard : The Business Eco-Card

BeCard is a digital business card - a contact management tool which enables individuals to build relationships faster by using smartphone technology.

Unlike BeCard, paper generates carbon emissions, fosters deforestation and is a less sustainable than modern digital solutions

BeCard offers a sustainable solution to companies and individuals who are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint

Managing your business contacts

Creating a more effective professional network with an efficient and effective digital management tool

Taking action on our carbon footprint

Reducing you carbon footprint by adopting a more eco-responsible approach

Abandonning paper business cards!

Achieving economies of scale using an automated, low cost, digital information sharing service

BeCard, Be Green !

Choosing BeCard, means choosing Business Efficiency and positively contributing to a more sustainable future

Thanks to our partner ReforestAction

Every month, BeCard plants trees

Paper business cards

  • 27 million business cards are printed daily
  • 10 billion business cards are printed annually
  • 80% are thrown out in the first week

Source: CreditDonkey

Features and Key-values

Easy to collect contact details

Contact collection has been reengineered using digital rather than physical tools

User friendly

Sharing information is automated - so user friendly

No time lag

Automation cuts out any time lag between making contact and moving to the next step - introducing the business proposition

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Transformation rate

Assessing the value of business leads is more efficient

Save money

The cost of traditional business cards is eliminated in favour of a better value digital solution

Geolocation means the automatic geolocation of contacts

Automatic geolocation of contacts allows you to research clients based on geographic criteria. For example, when visiting an area the User can identify other contacts to see whether other business meetings could be arranged, so creating cost effective efficiencies.

Easy export of your contacts !

Qualification means prioritising before targeting

New contacts need to be sorted and prioritised in order to be efficiently targeted. Business leads can be qualified within BeCard using the "probability of transformation “feature
The feature allows you to effectively target your approaches to power your business pipeline


BeCard eliminates paper, uses Green digital solutions, and contributes to reforestation

Eco-responsible action

Build a valuable and rewarding eco-responsible approach within your company.

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They talk about BeCard

User testimonials

Discover the impact of BeCard through user testimonials.

For many years spent "collecting", sorting, filing, hundreds and hundreds of business cards, which I collect during my "professional" meetings and above all, in salons, I finally made the decision to look for a solution. It was, in fact, a real ordeal to try to classify everything and keep my list of prospects / customers up to date. So I started looking for an application, in order to find a lasting solution; after a few tests, I chose BeCard, which perfectly fulfills my objectives by allowing me to exchange my "BeCard" and to save and classify my new contacts efficiently. In addition, the fact of becoming "zero paper" gives me this satisfaction, very personal, to make my small contribution to the reduction of the waste of paper.
Olivier C.

Partner Relations Manager

I haven't used classic business cards for a while. Tired to forget them or to seek after it in front of a client following an appointment. Not to mention the management of prints and their cost ... in short, what better than its such, that we always have either to record a contact .. and today the icing on the cake, BeCard, more than 'a simple recording, I can add comments, keywords, send my data in one click. And thanks to its search engine, I find any forgotten contact in a few seconds, I love it!
Business cards, Never on me, they always stay in the car. When given to a person, 1 in 2 times they cannot find it back. In opposition, forgetting his phone in the car’s glove box is rare. Becard meets my needs and above all I always have it with me!
Simon P.


Already not a fan of business cards, I really like the idea of dematerializing them! The ecological dimension is a plus that I appreciate. BeCard facilitates the management and exchange of contacts. It is also very easy to find a contact and interact with him (call, sms, email). In short, I recommend the use of BeCard in a professional but also personal context!
Olivia S.

Communication Manager


After a seven day trial period users will be invited to look at our subscription information to take full advantage of the app.

Businesses are invited to contact BeCard so that we can define your company’s deployment strategy. Subscribing companies employees will have special access arrangements for BeCard.

User Licence
per month
  • Create contacts
  • Scan cards : visual recognition
  • Digital BeCard exchange
  • Export your contacts
  • Marketing features

Bogdan Popescu


Bogdan Popescu, Engineer and MSc Electrical Engineering, MA Financial Management;

Bogdan Popescu has spent his career in finance, mainly in Paris but also in London.

He has held a number of positions, including business development, and continues to work in the world of asset management


Frequently Asked Questions

Contacts are saved in the BeCard app. On the other hand, you risk losing all your contacts on the mobile phone. Theft or loss of a laptop, however undesirable these cases are, militates in favor of the use of BeCard

  BeCard implements and complies with the data protection obligations as stipulated in the legislation in force within the EU (GDPR).

Absolutely not. The BeCard Business Model is in no way geared towards this type of use.

The data (contacts) are stored in the database and this data passes through the API (tunnel or flow of data). We work in a completely encrypted way. The API uses the SSL protocol which encrypts data. On the storage side, we set up a server dedicated to your data, highly secure: accessible only by encrypted key, owned by a limited number of people internally. Also, we have monitoring / control processes on our servers, which alert us if something goes wrong. In the specific case of BeCard and the nature of the data saved, we are deploying a higher level of surveillance, concerning intrusion detection. Data backups are also secure and stored according to the same security rules. A GDPR document is kept internally in accordance with the law; It contains the elements relating to the data access and storage processes, and any other element relating to security.

The Back Office is provided by a team based in France that you can contact at any time by email france (AT)

The subscription inherits the rules of the Apple and Google Play stores, in particular concerning the termination period to be respected, before the end of the current subscription period. The subscription is by default in "auto-renewal" mode, it is therefore necessary to deactivate it manually, in the profile settings, within the store. BeCard communicates with Apple stores and Google Play stores to retrieve this type of information and take action accordingly. The minimum duration of engagement for each of the two Stores is one month.

If you wish to delete your account and its associated data, you will have to request it, via the contact form. Then, we will delete, within 5 days, all the data associated with your account, Once this operation is completed, you will be notified by e-mail

To keep it simple, let's analyze the different parts that make up the BeCard application: :

The database is located on a server in a Green datacenter:

  • ISO 50001 - certified since 2015, for its energy management
  • Won the SIG "2016 Mégawatt Prize", for cutting its annual electricity usage by 20%.
  • Electrical power used to run its datacenters and offices comprises:
  • 60% hydro power ("TÜV SÜD EE01"-certified)
  • and 40% renewable energy ("Naturemade Star"-certified).
  • Target: By 2025, will power all its facilities with electricity from renewable sources ("Naturemade"-certified).

Data exchange
Data exchanges between the application and the database are done (in both directions), via an API, which is also hosted on a server, in the same datacenter cf. previous point. Each data exchange therefore, within BeCard, uses "Green" energy from the data center.

The Application
It was developed in accordance with code standards intended to lighten it and make its execution the least energy-consuming. Also, an "offline" mode allows users to use the application, by setting their phone to airplane mode. Data synchronization will take place once the internet connection is reactivated.

BeCard is a digital business card and an integrated data exchange platform. It has been designed from the user's point of view. It is not limited to offering another way of exchanging contact details – it also allows the user to initiate and prioritise new commercial arrangements.

Character and language recognition features allow extensive cultural and geographic use and eliminate the classic source of errors that pollute contact knowledge bases, manual entry.

BeCard operates and stores its data on the Green Web, thereby greatly reducing the environmental footprint of the business card regime so BeCard is also a Win-Win solution from an environmental point of view. 

BeCard’s response to the global challenge of preserving and improving the environment comes from both the entrepreneur and individual perspectives.

 - The entrepreneur uses BeCard, to dematerialise the exchange of business cards
 - concerned individuals use BeCard to reduce environmental impacts.

BeCard Be Green!

The solution for contactless business

Partnership with companies

Build an eco-responsible approach within your company that is valuable and rewarding..

Depending on your needs, we work together to define your company's deployment strategy.

Affected employees will have specific access, which will allow them to use all the features of the application.

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